Smoke, Fire, and Relationships


I awoke with a start the other morning to the acrid smell of smoke. After a quick search of the house, I determined that the source of the smoke was somewhere out in the East Woods. A call to the fire department followed by an hour traipsing about the woods left me stymied – I still had no idea of what was filling the environs with the thin haze.

Complicating the search was the dead calm air that gave no indication ...

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Big Oaks and Life Science Platforms


As I watched the twitchy red squirrel gather the few remaining acorns on the ground, I realized that a large portion of the living and dying in the East Woods is dependent on a few keystone species, namely oak, maple and pine trees. These platforms provide food, shelter, environment, and nutrition for dozens of plants, fungi, birds, rodents, and even people (my firewood and maple syrup).

Similarly in the life sciences arena, there are a few significant companies that provide technology ...

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Diesel Frogs and Market Timing


Working in the yard last weekend, I was disturbed by the foreign sound of a diesel engine idling somewhere out in the woods. I checked this out only to be relieved that it was merely the local wood frogs having their annual love fest in the vernal pools. Seems they have the uncanny ability to sense when the timing is just right such that they all migrate to these very large puddles and start their ‘quacking’, which in unison Continue Reading →

Forests and Philanthropy


Walking through the East Woods the other day, I stopped to enjoy the solitude of the forest. It became clear to me that this ecosystem provides fresh air and peacefulness to anyone that enters, and asks nothing in return. This is in contrast to most of our encounters in the business and technology world where ROI and WIIFM are constant questions asked by nearly all.

With the Winter Solstice and the Holiday Season upon us, I decided to look at the ...

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Deer Snorts, Bubbles and M&A


While peacefully enjoying a book the other night, I was jolted out of my seat by a bizarre sound in the woods. After peering into the darkness for a few minutes, I realized it was a deer snorting. I had no idea that deer made any sounds and this one is very strange (click to listen). Having my quietude disrupted by this ungulate made me think about how this current marketplace for all-things-technological is going gangbusters (aka a bubble). ...

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Timber Harvest Strategy


Driving by a state-owned forest the other day, I saw the telltale sign of a pending timber harvest – the 20 ton skidder parked on the edge of the woods. I was somewhat curious since this land is part of the watershed for the reservoir that quenches the thirsts of a couple million Bostonians, and I did not think that harvesting timber led to pure clean water.

So to satisfy my curiosity, I looked up the timber harvest plan to ...

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Maple Syrup Wisdom


After staring into a pot of boiling sap for eight hours, I finally poured off a pint of rich amber maple syrup. The flavor is incredibly intense but slightly different from other maple syrup I’ve had – probably because I used red maple trees instead of the traditional sugar maples. Anyway the yield was pretty good (6 gallons of sap to 1 pint of syrup) and the color is fantastic. It does take a good deal of effort though, and ...

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